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[FSX] REX Worldwide Airports HD Free Download

i just installed the software and did a few short flights to check out the airports and i think (wow someone finally got it right). i was surprised at how easy the installation and product setup went. i have purchased many addon products for fsx and p3d flight simulators but this is one of the most worth while i have ever added and it works as advertised. it dose everything it claims it can do and it's very easy to set it up to do it. you really need to see the improvement to fsx airports to understand how much it adds to the flight sim. i was surprised at what it really added and i find it well worth the purchase price after just a few flights. i have paid more for other products that did not even come close to delivering what was advertised. nice job rex you did get it right. -darrin rawlings

[FSX] REX Worldwide Airports HD free download


once the download has been unwrapped, an on-screen box instructs to select prerequisites to be installed. the menu list below this was blank so i moved on to the next install sequence screen with no ill effect. i did send an inquiry to rex aski9ng to what this referred and received only a non-specific response that if there had been prerequisites needed to complete the install they would have shown up in the menu but since it was blank there were no prerequisites needed.

i have a full list of airports and runways complete with their textures and lighting from rex. it also has a much better taxiway texture and better lighting. it has some default textures but nothing that will really hurt your fsx experience. it is good for those who want to check out a few airports and maybe some taxiways and runways. the new fsx is a good thing and definitely worth having! -jim kennedy


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