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The calculation is judicious, but nevertheless a score of accidentsmay disturb it. Starting at midnight, he may encounter in the face,during his long flight across Savoy, the east wind, which engulfs anddelays him, neutralizes his exertions, and fetters his pinions. Heavens!it is morning now. Those sombre giants, already clothed in Octoberin their snowy mantles, reveal upon their vast expanse of glitteringwhite a black spot, which moves with terrible rapidity. How gloomyare they already, these mountains, and of what evil augury, drapedin the long folds of their winter shrouds! Motionless as are theirpeaks, they create beneath them and around them an everlastingagitation of violent and antagonistic currents, which struggle withone another so furiously that at times they compel the bird to tarry."If I fly in the lower air, the torrents which hurl through theshadows with their clanging floods, will snare me in their whirlingvapours. And if I mount to the cold and lofty realms, which kindlewith a light of their own, I give myself up to death; the frost willseize and slacken my wings."

Guillemots Through The Windowpane Download Torrent


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