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Ps360 Midi Drummer

i have the full version of fl studio and of addictive drums running on vista 32 bit home premium (dont know if that matters). for some reason i cant get the ghwt drums to play sound through ad. i have the wireless receiver and the ps360midi recognizes the drumset and registers hits with the velocity data retained. i think im doing something wrong with a port for loopbe1, because i just cant get it to play in fl studio. i can get sound from the kit in ad if i click on the different drums/cymbals, the world tour kit just wont register. any suggestions thanks heavily in advance.

Ps360 Midi Drummer


toontracks ez line was designed with no-fuss functionality in mind andis the best-selling virtual drum kit in the world! ezdrummer 2 comes complete with a full library of midi grooves,drag-and-drop templates, and pre-made song structures. you can structure an entire song by dragging in midi loops or by making custom grooves. the song creator window will suggest similar grooves to ones already dropped in, meaning you can create a whole song easily. this particular drum software was built for guitarists trying to complete ideas on their own!

i recorded a 6 beat out of 2 snare in addition to the kick and hi-hat. i needed a snare for this, and one hit sounded more like a drum. i did a snare loop, and when you plug the midi into a drum machine it will have to have a snare that is connected to the snare in the midi. i found that i could have a hit for the snare, and then the same snare sound, and then a hit for the kick. i wouldnt know how to do this in the program, but it works like this.


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