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Project Wunderwaffe

The Allies are approaching from the west, but at the same time, the Soviets are coming from the east. None of the soldiers remember the taste of victory. Fear and chaos dominate on the front lines. The General Staff is beginning to disintegrate, and for many, the fate of the war is already sealed. Some commanders give retreat orders. However, those who are still fighting will not surrender until the end of the war. You just got only one chance to construct a wunderwaffe. Welcome to the base!

Project Wunderwaffe

A self-sufficient, huge, underground complex that is an epic fortress that cannot exist without you. Therefore, be smart! Build your base wisely, manage and develop it. Remember, you are creating a weapon so powerful that you can influence the fate of the war. The network of underground corridors and special-purpose rooms must function efficiently. Get water and electricity to them. Mine resources, break codes, develop the technology tree, and cooperate with spies. Construct and produce weapons and inventions. This is what your soldiers are waiting for! Control the march of hostile troops and gain time to complete the project. Recruit into your ranks the best scientists, spies, and agents who will provide you with key information. In Project Wunderwaffe, you will build a weapon the world has not heard of yet!

Building a wunderwaffe requires efficient database management, as well as acquiring and allocating raw materials and resources. Your project is constantly in danger, so fend off attacks and act in a way that allows you to gain as much time as possible to complete wunderwaffe. Remember, every choice matters. Each of your decisions will have consequences. Use propaganda mechanisms, arouse fear and terrify with the possibilities of the superweapon you are working on.

Project Wunderwaffe is a game from Gameparic studio, in which we have a chance to reverse the course of World War II history by implementing the Reich's secret plan to use a powerful weapon of destruction. First, however, we have to build a shelter and manage and supervise the project properly.

Project Wunderwaffe combines simulator elements with base building and management, in a similar way to what we know from Fallout Shelter. When expanding the complex, we need to decide what type of facility to build first and where it should be located. You can choose between an intelligence room, where you'll gather the information you need for your project; a scientist's room, where you'll invent more and more effective weapons; and a spy and agent's corner, where you'll be able to provide information about the actions of enemy armies.Of course, we are not the only ones using spies, so we have to reckon that enemy intelligence will do everything to spoil our plans. We must be ready for any situation and also ensure that the propaganda about our secret weapon reaches as many ears as possible and sows fear and terror among our enemies. This is necessary, especially since time is not on our side and decisions have consequences. 041b061a72


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