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Unlock BIOS Password on Panasonic CF-52 Laptop - Three Methods Explained

so here i am looking at the hard drive for the recovery of the bios password on a dell latptop. i purchased the laptop from a large chain electronic store in dubai, i asked the man who sold it to me what the password was and he told me that there was no password. he told me that because it was an old computer that it must not matter and that it was old and therefor not stored in the bios. i spent about 3 weeks trying to figure out the password and tried to reset the bios by removing the battery and then all of a sudden it started working! the power was not shut off. i found the cmos battery and successfully changed the bios password and with the help of a few friends set up my laptop. well it works great now.

laptop panasonic cf-52 bios password 48

i got one of these from a friend of mine in dubai. i have been trying to change the password for the past 8 hours and finally cracked it! it was a pain in the butt but i finally got it done, then i tried to boot it up and it wouldn't boot. i removed the battery completely and was able to boot up. the password was stored on a chip called a cmos battery, so it was easy to get to and change the password. it took me almost an hour to get it done and it was a pain in the butt but i'm really happy that i finally got it to work. good luck!

i have a gateway 2400 laptop, bought used. the password is 15 characters, the latter 4 characters are question marks. i tried changing the cmos battery, but that didn't work. i tried resetting the password, but that didn't work. now i'm out of ideas. anyone out there with a clue? thanks!

hello, i am using a dell latitude c600 and i need to find out the password to the bios. i am not sure if this password is on the motherboard or in the bios. i have tried running the recovery disk that came with the computer and it doesnt seem to work. i have also tried the "reset bios password" from the power on button and it doesnt work.


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