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Maya Mature Sex

Three objectives were included in this research work. The first objective compared different immune components in healthy mature males, mature females, and female kids of local and imported Saanen goats, reared under a sub-tropical environment. The significantly differing immune components were the blood monocyte percent, blood CD8 count, and the total white blood cell count. The second objective compared the performance of Saanen versus local does. The means of the milk yield and prolificacy of the imported Saanen does were significantly higher than those of the local does (p

maya mature sex

In these parasites, miRNAs represent 30% of the non-coding RNAs and can be located on both sex and autosomal chromosomes [75,76]. To date, 79 and 225 mature miRNAs have been reported in S. japonicum and S. mansoni (miRbase (Version 21), respectively, 12 of which are specific to the genus Schistosoma [74]. Interestingly, the miRNA profile varies at different stages of development and gender, suggesting that these molecules are relevant in morphogenesis, development, and reproduction [72,73,74]. Thus, various miRNAs exhibit sex-biased expression [74,77] (Figure 1A). In S. japonicum, sja-miR-7-5p, sja-miR-61, sja-miR-219-5p, sja-miR-125a, sja-miR-125b, sja-miR-124-3p, and sja-miR-1 are more abundant in male worms, while sja-miR-71b-5p, sja-miR-3479-3p, and sja-miR-novel-23-5p are expressed mostly in female worms [77]. The number of sex-biased miRNAs varies between Schistosoma species, being higher in S. japonicum than in S. mansoni [74,75]. Notably, the sex-biased miR-71/miR-2 cluster is highly conserved in other pathogenic flatworms, experienced a duplication process in S. mansoni, and is involved in regulating at least 389 genes [74,76]. The enrichment of these miRNAs may be evidence of their association with regulating cellular processes, including metabolism, glycosylation, cell cycle, genome stability, and DNA synthesis [78]. Many genes involved in these processes have target sites for some sex-biased miRNAs [74,77]. Thus, sja-let-7, sja-miR-1, sja-miR-7-5p, sja-miR-3479, sja-miR-71, sja-miR-71b-5p, and miR-71/miR-2 clusters have the most putative sites within sex-biased genes [78]. In the context of gene expression influenced by gender, these specific miRNAs could serve as a candidate for the design of new vaccines against parasite fertility [78,79]. 041b061a72


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