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Buy Lg B7a Free utilizes responsive design to provide a convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions.

buy lg b7a

The only other OLED model in LG's line that will get a price drop for Black Friday is the E7 series. Both sizes will be $500 less than they are now. Here are their prices during the same sale window as the B7A:

I dispense a lot of TV advice, whether in reviews and articles like this or directly to individuals on Twitter, email and the comments section and even IRL. And I've been wrong plenty of times -- hell, I predicted $2,500 for the cheapest 65-inch OLED, and LG pleasantly surprised me by $200. Maybe the price on the B7A will fall again for some reason, perhaps closer to Christmas or the Super Bowl. Maybe the one you buy will have some flaw that makes you hate it, despite all the glowing praise from users and experts like me.

But as long as you weigh the pluses and minuses above, buy (as always) from a reputable retailer with a solid return policy, and can afford the B7A, I bet you'll be happy you bought one now. If not, you know where to find me.

Now, I haven't tested the B7A directly, but I did perform hands-on comparison reviews of the LG C7, the LG E7 and the Sony A1E OLED TV. Based on those tests, and LG's claim that all of its 2017 OLED TVs have identical picture quality, I feel just as comfortable recommending the B7A as I do the C7 or the others.

The picture on all 2017 OLED TV's I've tested is simply the best I've ever seen, better than any other TV I've ever reviewed. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, and it's a different display technology than the LCD used on most TVs. Unlike LCD (including QLED), it exhibits perfect black levels for unrivaled contrast and "pop," and stays true from off-angle.

Only LG makes OLED TVs in large screen sizes, although other brands like Sony, Philips and Bang & Olufsen buy panels from LG Display and sell the TVs under their own brands. LG introduced the B7A in late August 2017, months after its other 2017 OLED models were available, and it just started appearing online and in stores.

The audio differences are also minor. LG says: "Although total audio power is 40W for each, the C7 has 2 woofers (2.2 channel) while the B7A does not (4.0 channel)." In other words, the C7 might have slightly better bass. Big woop.

LG says that although the B7A is "not an Atmos TV, it would still be able to pass the signal through to an AV receiver." In other words the TV's speakers can't decode Dolby Atmos themselves, but the TV can pass along the Atmos audio from its built-in Netflix or other Atmos-capable apps to an Atmos-capable AV receiver or sound bar, for example. Since most people who care about Atmos are using a receiver or sound bar, rather than the much lower-quality speakers on the TV itself, the B7A's Atmos capability is plenty. Thanks to Bill for the tip.

Otherwise the C7 and the B7A are the same, and since I expect the B7A to continue to be just a bit cheaper than the C7, it's now the best value in a OLED TV. Yes it's still really expensive, but don't be surprised if both TVs experience price drops in the lead-up to the holiday buying season. How low they'll go is anybody's guess.

Transmissive displays operate by shining a backlight array through a liquid crystal element. You might know them by their more common names: LCD TVs or LED TVs. Crucially, the light- and color-producing parts of LCD/LED TVs are functionally and physically separate layers. I like to think of the liquid crystal and backlight as the meat and cheese on a sandwich, respectively.

The new entry 4K Ultra HD OLED TV series, called the B7A, will offer most of the same features of the current B7P series, which is supposed to be sold exclusively by Costco, but will have some minor cosmetic differences and will omit the internal Dolby Atmos decoding found in other LG OLED TV series, an LG spokesman told us.

To celebrate the launch of the new derivative (B7A) line, LG Electronics is offering a special pricing promotion on the new models (as well as the current 55-inch B7P model available through Costco). The promotion begins today (July 30th) and is slated to run through Sept. 10th, while supplies last.

So, for example, the main differences between the B7P and step-up C7P series is which retailers have them and the appearance of the bezel (silver vs. black) and the table stand style (metal vs. plastic).

Picture night skies as dark as night skies themselves. Against the infinite, inky darkness of perfect black, colors pop and images come alive. LG OLED pixels are what make it all possible, each turning on and off individually for truly infinite contrast.

I purchased this TV just before the Super Bowl in 2018 and it was amazing at the time. Now issues great picture and sound. Good UI. But today I noticed screen burn in at the bottom of the screen. I noticed that the burn in marks are the exact same pattern and position as these yellow lines from Fox 2 News broadcast. I ran screen burn tests and saw that the burn in the center of the screen was bad as well. Looking at these reviews I can see that this was a known issue with this model and there doesnt seem to be a fix. Ive ran the pixel refresher before and kept the screen saver on and display limits modest.Originally posted on

This product I purchase is great for the price Although they are slightly errors with the build quality Side note do not leave the movie or content you watch for a long time for still images create burn ins in this model . This tv would of been perfect if it didnt have burn insOriginally posted on

Purchased this TV in 2018. Already have to replace the TV because of unacceptable amounts of burn-in and green faces. I contacted LG to try and remedy the situation but the best they could give me is go get it repaired on your own dime here are three places to choose from. Im extremely upset as Im not a rich man and paid a lot for this tv. In my opinion I believe a premium tv should last more than four years I Will never I mean NEVER purchase another LG product because of my experience with them. OLED does have an amazing picture when new but it just isnt worth it after all is said and done. Dont make the same mistakeOriginally posted on

Bought this TV in November 2917 and it lasted until September 2022 when it began to lose the yellow color which looked green. I let my 5 year extended warranty run out in November 2022 due to lack of concentration on my part dealing with extreme family illness nonetheless I would have hoped it would have lasted longer than that. Was told by LG rep this is a burn in status.Originally posted on

I have all LG products so I wont stop buying them. This OLED however had developed a green area in the center of the tv. Disappointing since these arent cheap tvs nor do I believe the quality to be cheap. Ive done the pixel refresh 5 times but still nothing. So Im stuck with a green tint that everyone loves to point out when watching a game.Originally posted on

I am in awe of the picture quality of this tv. The contrast is excellent and the HDR is stunning to watch. Movies come to life with this tv. Gaming is also excellent. The design is also aesthetically great but the base and the tv is very heavy. Would recommend at least two people when moving or handling.Originally posted on

Bought this TV a few years back. Screen is burned just from watching Hulu. This TV is in the front room and had marks. Unfortunately LG only offers a 1 year limited warranty and its out of warranty range.Originally posted on

2 years in the burn in was starting to show. Lg did nothing also the Amazon app has to be uninstalled and reinstalled for every use. Lg wouldnt fix it. Now Im 4 years in and the burn in is worse. Get something else.Originally posted on

Great picture until a burn-in problem. 3 inches on the bottom of the screen and to a lesser extent on the top show as a different color shade then the rest of the picture. LG agreed that it was burn-in but said that the TV was out of warranty. I believe this is a manufacturers defect. I have never had this problem on any TV that I have owned. It was suggested that I email the LG President which I did. I have not heard anything back. I have 3 LG TVs and a LG refrigerator. The next TV will not be a LGOriginally posted on

As someone that needed glasses BUT thought If I squint my eyes then its all good first HD TV I bought was a 2008 Sharp LCD and first HD show was just amazing well getting glasses and looking at an HD show was mind blowing BUT in 2018 I was lucky enough to buy my first OLED and I mean there is no going back blacks are black not gray BLACK. Colors are extremely vibrant and the 4K quality is out of this world. Since then I bought a bigger 65 C9 and currently looking at the 77 C1 like I said once you go OLED anything else is just bad quality.Originally posted on

This WAS a great TV. Purchased in 2017 and only used 6 months per year as we had a 2nd home in Florida for the winter. But upon returning we noticed the red color was non adjustable and everything had a green tint. Soon after we noticed a News banner burn in and a burnt in vertical line. We had to throw it away but In March we Purchased a new LG OLED 65 in C class TV. Even though the last one died I still have faith in LG and the color is amazing. I just hope this one lasts. Im guessing I wont receive the $ 500. DollarsOriginally posted on

Hi LgI purchased this oled tv back in late 2017 and thought this was the best tv ever. But little did I know I was going to experience a problem with the ghost/ burn in the picture when watching moviessports etc. Within 4 years of owning this television. I called the technology department to see if they could fix the problem and I received no attention from your lg representatives. Furthermore the television is ruined when you receive this type of issue. The warranty for this type of issue for expensive televisions like this is to short. Its a waste of money. Heres a few photos of this issue for custumers for future purposes.Originally posted on 041b061a72


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