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Meet the Team


Sarah Maillet

Newton South Advisor

Ms. Maillet is our faculty advisor.


Grace Kelsangmetog Cai

Founder and President

Grace started to learn coding when she was 8th Grader. In 2021 summer, she attended Harvard Medical School summer camp and AI camp founded by Stanford PhDs. To learn how artificial intelligence technology will impact the future medical practices is her interest. Other than her interests in science , Grace is a competitive figure skater and teaching assistant at Skating Club of Boston. Music is also her long time passion. She is a Madrigal singer at Newton South, the principal yanyqin player of Boston Chinese Musicians Association Youth Orchestra and a concert pianist.


Shir Ivanier

Vice President

Shir is interested in neuroscience and wants to be a neurosurgeon in future.


Angelina Tang

Social Media Officer

Angelina is passionate about art and music. She plays flute and traditional Chinese instruments Dizi, Hulusi and Bawu.


Team Member

Officer of Programs

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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